Our Vision

To make a positive difference in people’s lives by improving health and wellbeing.

The Trust’s vision was developed with the involvement of colleagues and other stakeholders. 

Our values

Our vision is underpinned by four key values, which have been developed in partnership with our patients, carers, staff and wider partners.   

We can only provide good quality services through our dedicated colleagues, working together with a common purpose. Our values reflect the reasons why our workforce choose to work for the NHS and for Derbyshire Healthcare.Visions and values 2023 wheel.png

  • People first – We work compassionately and supportively with each other and those who use our services. We recognise a well-supported, engaged and empowered workforce is vital to good patient care
  • Respect – We respect and value the diversity of our patients, colleagues and partners and for them to feel they belong within our respectful and inclusive environment
  • Honesty – We are open and transparent in all we do 
  • Do your best – We recognise how hard colleagues work and together we want to work smarter, striving to support continuous improvement in all aspects of our work.

Our strategic objectives 

Our vision is supported by four strategic objectives, which outline key areas of focus for the Trust:

1. Great care 

  • Delivering compassionate, person-centred, innovative and safe care

  • Choice, empowerment and shared decision-making is the norm.

2. Great place to work

  • Attracting colleagues to work with us who we develop, retain and support by excellent management and leadership

  • An empowered, compassionate and inclusive culture that actively embraces diversity.

3. Best use of money 

  • Making financially-wise decisions every day and avoid wasting resources

  • Always striving for best value by finding ways to make our money go further.

4. Great partner

  • Actively embracing collaboration as our way of working, seeing beyond our organisational boundaries both within and outside of Derbyshire
  • Working together with the citizens of Derbyshire to ensure they have the best start in life, stay well, age well and die well.

These strategic objectives represent the direction of travel, and the things we must do to achieve our vision. They will help us to become better across all service areas and allow us to stand out from other providers.

Our core care standards

To support our values, the Trust has developed a series of Core Care Standards. These enable all teams to have a consistent way of planning and delivering care, whilst recognising the needs and standards of particular services and the people they serve. The standards aim to increase quality and safety and apply to everyone who uses our services. Resources that support the standards all have the apple 'quality mark' on to indicate this.