We offer a variety of different opportunities at Derbyshire Healthcare, ranging from NHS Cadets, Work Experience and Step Into Work Programs, to paid Apprenticeships. More information about opportunities across Derbyshire can be found on the Joined Up Careers Derbyshire Website.

It doesn't matter whether you’re still in education, thinking about switching your career or already working in health, there will be a suitable opportunity for you. Whichever stage you are at, our team will help you to Get Ready, Get In, Get On and Go Further in your NHS Career. 

Work experience for school and college students (including NHS Cadets)

Work Experience helps people prepare for professional study and their future career. It provides insight of what the job is really like, understanding of some of the demands and finding out if it is suited to them. It gives the opportunity to develop and demonstrate the values, attitudes and behaviours necessary to work in the NHS.  More information about work experience can be found on the Joined Up Careers website. You can also find some useful information on the Health Education England website

How exciting! We are honoured you are considering our Trust to complete some work experience. We work in partnership with Joined Up Careers Derbyshire to offer this service. To find out what work experience opportunities we have, please go to the Joined Up Careers ‘apply’ page.

If you are interested in a Virtual Work Experience offer, please visit the Springpod website. 

We wish you every success in your studies! Practice placements are looked after by a different team. For any requests or information, please contact  dchst.placementsupportteam@nhs.net

Joined Up Careers Derbyshire have teamed up with NHS Cadets and St John Ambulance to deliver two paid work and volunteering programmes to local students.

The NHS Cadets programme has two pathways aimed at different age groups – foundation for 14 to 16-year-olds and advanced for 16 to 18-year-olds. 

NHS Cadets aims to attract young people into careers in the healthcare system and develop their skills. 

The programme will run for 36 weeks and is flexible with a requirement for students to spend time volunteering - this could be shadowing or helping out at an event.  

There is no set minimum number of hours required. Students will receive first aid training provided by St John Ambulance. 

Find out more on the Joined Up Careers website. 

Virtual work experience - Health and Social Care

Available from December 2023, this programme offers an insight into various health and care professions. Take part in quizzes and activities, watch live webinars, all in your own time, and get a certificate on completion.

Explore careers in:

  • Support Work
  • Nursing
  • Allied Health Professions
  • Non-clinical areas

Learn about pathways and how to get into the different professions, their responsibilities, as well as employabilitiy skills!

For more information visit the Joined Up Careers website or email ddicb.joinedupcareers@nhs.net.

  • Open to anyone aged 14+
  • Certificate on completion
  • Up to 7 hours of content
  • Complete at a pace that suits you

Contact us about work experience

If you would like to discuss anything about work experience at Derbyshire Healthcare, email us on dchst.workexperience@nhs.net

Apprenticeships at Derbyshire Healthcare

Earn, learn and make a difference with an NHS apprenticeship. Our apprenticeships offer routes into many of the more than 350 NHS careers through a mix of on-the-job training and classroom learning. 

Find out more on the NHS Health Careers website.

An easy way to look at the different apprenticeship pathways is by searching byjob family.

Find out more about job families in the Skills for Health website.

If we have any apprenticeship vacancies, they will be advertised on the Work for Us section of our Trust Website. 

The best way to find suitable opportunities is by searching 'Apprenticeship' in the search bar at the bottom of the page. 

Contact us

Email the Apprenticeships team on dchst.apprenticeships@nhs.net  

Why Derbyshire Healthcare?

Every NHS Trust does valuable work and are great organisations to work in. But what makes our Trust stand out are the people. We have interviewed a few of our colleagues to show you the variety of people’s career paths and the love for what they do. We hope their stories inspire you. 

Careers in the NHS

There are more than 350 different careers in the NHS. Many work with patients while others work behind the scenes. What they all have in common is that they make a difference to people's lives. 

To find the NHS careers that best suit you, why not answer some simple questions on the Health Careers Quiz? Good luck! 

You can also visit the Health Careers website for more information. It doesn't matter whether you’re still in education, thinking about switching your career or already working in health, you'll get the information you need. You'll also find real-life stories and films of those already working in health.