Our junior doctors are valued members of ‘Team Derbyshire Healthcare’. If you come to work and train with us, you can expect wide ranging clinical experience, regular supervision of all your daily responsibilities while also receiving the very best teaching, training and education.

Director of Medical Education

Watch a short video with Dr Vishnu Gopal, our Director of Medical Education, about our educational priorities for junior doctors and all our medics.  

Hear from one of our Junior Doctors

In this video, one of our ST6 doctors introduces their workplace - and explains why Derbyshire is an excellent place to live and work.

What's different about Derbyshire Healthcare?

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Our services support people of all ages – from birth (perinatal mental health, community paediatrics) through childhood (CAMHS, eating disorders, neurodevelopmental assessment) to adulthood and older adulthood. That gives our Trust colleagues many opportunities to learn and grow - and it means that junior doctors can do all the years of their training in beautiful Derbyshire.

Support for your work and training

As a minimum you will be supervised by a named clinical supervisor, any one of our excellent consultants, who will provide you 1 to 1 weekly supervision. Our core trainees will also be allocated an educational supervisor to help with career progression.  

Medical education

There is a dedicated Medical Education team at the Trust that will support you. This team organises a range of opportunities:

  • Once a week you will participate in a local teaching programme which is chaired by one of our enthusiastic Consultants. You will also be supported by our junior doctors forum with trainees at all grades for dedicated, bespoke training to further your education.
  • Regular reflective sessions are available, run in the form of a Balint Group, to allow you to discuss the emotional impact of your work
  • We organise free mock CASC exams - even if you are a year or two away from sitting the CASC exam, this is an excellent opportunity to start familiarising yourself with the structure, pattern and style of questions and interactions in the CASC with professional actors that have experience of being part of the real CASC
  • You will benefit from regular simulation training sessions (called Epiffany) in which you can practise real-time scenarios in a safe environment. This is a great way to experience daily clinical scenarios and enhance your reflective learning through constructive feedback from the actor, expert patient and the scenario modulator. 

Celebrating your efforts

Our annual Trainee Awards, presented by senior leaders within the Trust, recognise those who have demonstrated through clinical performance and practice that they have attained a level of achievement over and above that expected for their grade. Our annual Poster Competition is an opportunity to have good practice recognised and disseminated widely.

How do I apply to work for Derbyshire Healthcare?

We are part of the East Midlands Deanery, which has bases in Chesterfield and Derby (both easily accessible from all parts of Derbyshire). 

Please visit Health Education England East Midlands, for more information on applying and what it is like to do postgraduate medical education in our region.

  • I totally enjoyed this post as it gives you the real flavour and taste of Psychiatry
  • My supervisor has been extremely supportive and always responsive to my needs
  • Clinical supervision was exceptional, fostering and supportive whilst provided frank consul about areas for improvement within my practise. I found support provided invaluable as I look to the future in hopefully completing my training and working at consultant level
  • Very friendly Trust, with very friendly and passionate Consultants, learning culture is promoted, very passionate medical education administration
  • I have really enjoyed my time and found it to be a supportive educational environment
  • Great rotation & very organised rota co-ordinator
  • Overall supportive & encouraging environment (Seniors, Consultants & Administrative)
  • Excellent learning experience - Clinical Supervisor very approachable & helpful
  • I was helped by the whole team but most importantly my supervising consultant in getting to complete my PDP
  • I would say unreservedly that this core CMHT job was the best thing I could have asked for after starting HST as it provided me with the experience and guidance from the supervising consultant, essential towards CCT completion
  • Medical Education Team very supportive and help with problem solving
  • Nice, friendly culture to work in as everyone is so supportive
  • Very supportive trainers
  • Trainees felt placements had given them a nice mixture of responsibility and supervision and that they had been well supported by staff
  • Good and balanced placement
  • Very friendly department, very supportive team and seniors.  Admin staff/rota co-ordinators very helpful and understanding.  I would recommend this department to work in
  • Lots of resources available
  • On call experience – felt very well supported
  • Very good posting, really enjoyed the variety of ward work and clinics and ability to shadow different services
  • Excellent post - useful and interesting.  Great team

If you have any questions, please get in touch by emailing: dhcft.meded@nhs.net