The Team Derbyshire Healthcare Promise brings together an agreed set of commitments that employees can each expect from the Trust and give in return. Click on the image below to view the Promise in full screen.

Team Derbyshire Healthcare Promise

There are two sets of commitments under a handshake – reflecting the agreement that is being made by Trust colleagues through the Promise.  

Set amid a Derbyshire landscape, where we are all working to make a positive difference, the Promise brings all Trust colleagues together, no matter what their role or position within the Trust.  The balloons represent each of the four values that we are committed to.

The Promise has been developed with the involvement of colleagues across all of our services.

What the Trust promises to do for me

  • To appropriately equip me, so I can fulfil my role

  • To treat me with dignity and respect, creating an environment where bullying and harassment is not tolerated

  • To care about and support my health and wellbeing

  • To provide me with clear direction and leadership

  • To provide me with appropriate support, guidance and personal development 

  • To treat me honestly and fairly

  • To recognise my contribution – both my efforts and my achievements.

What I promise to do for the Trust

  • To approach my work with a positive, ‘can do’ attitude 
  • To do my best for my clients and colleagues, respecting people’s different needs and approaches
  • To look after my own health and wellbeing, and to access support when needed 
  • To speak up when things don’t feel right
  • To attend and complete the training I need to do, engaging in my development
  • To keep up to date with news, guidance and information shared by the Trust
  • To work as a member of a team, supporting my colleagues and being considerate of others